Top tier ptc, Matebux

Well crap I have to make a post. But what do I talk about? which program or passive tool? there are soo many things going on.
But I guess it's best to focus on one at a time and then build from there.

As my top tier program I place Matebux as the most focus.
So here's a snapshot of my backoffice.

and that is with 42 active ad packs. 
which I am 100% compounding the revshare earnings into more ad packs. I mean really, look at all the advertising you get from purchasing them.

  • 1000 PTC credits
  • 1000 banner clicks (that is clicks not impressions)
  • one revshare position
  • 300 PTC credits
  • 100 text ad clicks (clicks not impressions)
  • one revshare position

Yeah, that is pretty good, especially with a base community of 10000 they are growing well.

Ok, that post was long enough, right? lol

Join me on MateBux and I can answer any of your questions, I'm on daily!