Traffic Monsoon July 2016

Changes on the TrafficMonsoon surfing.
From 10 ads a day to 50 a day.
but the timer has dropped down to 5 seconds.

Personally I know the traffic is very targeted but also overlooked.
But with the law of numbers you can win at this game!

As a marketer if I can squeeze anything out of the traffic (aka ptp, advertising RTB) then I can count that as my withdraw.
But while in TM, I keep repurchasing. getting more and more traffic.

That's a crazy concept!
Especially if you find a Ptp.
then the huge flaw of not being able to track the traffic, becomes an issue.
( I have tested most of them. lol)


full disclosure.
I only have 1 active ad pack and 17 inactive.

guess you could say I am on vacation waiting for the PP release . which is around August 9+/-
Stay up to date on the Passive Earner monitor.


Meanwhile in Matebux...

Things are awesome, the advertising is blooming as well as the rented referrals. Even got a special request for a how to video!!!!! Which will be posted later today.

If  you are a Matebux member friend me on their social site, we have a strong team presence on there.