Merchant Shares STP limits

Heads up Merchant Shares members:

the withdraw limit of SolidTrustPay is temporary limited to $30 per request.
There is a fraud investigation in process.
Limit will be raised once there investigation

Also note the writing at the bottom of the page

Other Limits and Fees
  • Maximum of 5 withdrawals are allowed every 24 hours.
  • Withdrawals are temporarily blocked if there is a pending withdrawal.
  • 5-minute wait between each withdrawal, to any payment method.
  • Fees of 5% + $0.05 are applied to any investment cancellations.
  • Commissions will be hold for 15 days for fraud investigation and prevention purpose.
  • Profit transfer will be hold for 14 days for fraud investigation and prevention purpose.

My stats:

I am in profit and have a steady active deposit.
the average deposit takes 5 months to complete. (slow and steady)
Been a member for about 2 years