ptp strategy

Do you ever have some traffic credits that you wish you could actually sell for a profit?

Well here is the best alternative that is more easier. 
But do note that the setup is the hardest part.

Once it is setup, it is very easy to use. ( just blast your link EVERYWHERE)

Here is one of the pages I 'stacked'

  1. easyhits4u
  2. leadsleap ( personal ad bar promoting
  3. wordlinx
  4. or ptp4all
You can follow my stacking order or create your own flow.
But if you do, make sure you check and see if they qualify as a hit. ( otherwise it is wasted time and effort)

each of the above listed programs will pay you or give you ad credits for giving up a portion of the screen space from your advertising. 

How to set it up?

1. Start with a ptp ( paid to promote) 
I suggest advertise AMM or ptp4all

AMM will give you a specific link to promote!
that looks like this
( there are rules to these projects, stay informed to the changes )

2. Now the more exciting part
embed it into the wordlinx ptp ad bar

Wordlinx gives you credits which can be exchanged for cash
( the exchange rate varies upon how active you are on wordlinx )

once you add it to wordlinx you will have a new link to hold onto. 
looking like this

3. Now we can stack it a little higher

Leads Leap, (many cool passive tools in this gem)
it has a link tracker .  
~ but the epic part is it has the option to promote your own link on the ad bar. 
(see above and you will see me promoting

and on top of that you can have a set of text ads pop up after a few seconds ( your choice on how many seconds)  (get a click on the text ad and you get ad credits) 

link looks like this
and the better part is you can track the traffic by adding tags to the end of the url 
like this one
( helps see which programs are actually providing the traffic)

4. Easyhits4u
( earn advertising credits from this one)

place your link from the leads leap into the easy rotator 
then you will get a link looking like this

we finally have our Golden egg, our one link to promote.  ( the EH4U link)

currently I am focused on promoting this program on Omni-cash
which has an epic deal. 5000 hits for $1 ( called 'Traffic ads' )

** important 
most of these programs, the ad view needs to be viewed for at least 5 seconds. 
( where we will have the most trouble with this game)


Please contact me about clarification or questions. I can always add information to this page. It is here to help you make the most of your ad credits. 

 ~ PassiveTools

you have to lookout for changes and notice when you are not getting credits.

See where ptp4all is not giving credits on the Omni page.

ERROR! Invalid visits or enable JavaScript or use bigger screen to get credit. Using hidden or PTP iframes is not allowed either.

This will prevent you getting credits from ptp4all, so let us remove it from our rotator

( pay no attention to the banner below